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Why fight for a cause that has apparently no chance to win in our life

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People get pretty set in their ways and are slow to change, no matter the present living context. Say the world's organizational structures had some huge catastrophic happening like multi-country nuclear war. What would the remaining people do? And I mean, present-day people, the ones living right this very moment. Would they begin setting fires to their remaining abodes, forget everything about their prior money-and-trading social system, and go live in the caves? That would be fantastic, ridiculous. They would pick up where they left off and adjust to the new norm, with their personal dispositions more or less intact for day-to-day living.

My point is that "collapse" isn't a possibility. Change for the worse happens at a moderate rate at most, because people are slow to change for better or worse when most of their daily context stays the same. And, usually they've changed for the better when most of their daily context is uprooted and thrown in a worse direction than the prior normal.

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Good offering Jaskin, just for living and being happy.  General principles in metaphysics and epistemology remain the same with small elucidations based on new knowledge.  The world of men changes constantly and we adapt to each new norm.  Sense of life is a derivative concept that is not a category of philosophy, but maybe it should be.

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