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All objectivists should watch this movie

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Hello everyone!


I am the one always asking questions, so now it's time for some contribution! 


I definitely recommend for all objectivists to watch a movie called "Locke" starring Tom Hardy. 


The whole movie happens inside a car, where a man has to make crucial decisions over the phone regarding his profession and personal life. I would guess the screenplay was written by an objectivist. Its definitely one of the best movies I've seen recently.


Its beautiful. Have fun.



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If the British writer/director Steven Knight is an Oist, he's a closet Oist. But, whether inspired by Rand or not, he does clearly share a rational view of life with Oists.

I loved this movie. Even made a thread about it. In the Culture/Movies section of the site:


Same director has a great show on the BBC, called Peaky Blinders, btw. He doesn't star, but Tom Hardy is in it too, in the most badass role of his career. And that's saying something, because he's badass in almost everything.

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