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The WHYS Way to Success and Happiness


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My book has just been published!  You can get The WHYS Way to Success and Happiness from Amazon right now.


You can also order a special limited edition book (100 numbered copies) signed by me, that will ship in mid-October.  If you want one, PayPal $35 (includes free shipping) to [email protected] before they're all sold out.


My book is significantly different from most of the other fine books written by Objectivists because

  1. Its intended audience is not just Objectivists, Ayn Rand fans, or professional intellectuals.  It is a popular book for general audiences.  While very philosophical, it's not what Ayn Rand would call "philosophy for Ragnar." It's philosophy for Rearden and for Eddie Willers and for the boy on the bicycle in Monadnock Valley.

  2. Its subject is neither ethical nor political.  It's about epistemology and psycho-epistemology but, unlike Harry Binswanger's How We Know, it doesn't attempt to comprehensively describe or explain consciousness.  Instead, it's a small "how-to" book -- a user's manual or quick-start guide -- for consciousness.

  3. It's not about Objectivist epistemology per se, but about an important aspect of epistemology and of Ayn Rand's unique thinking method that is crucial to everyone's life and well-being: causal reasoning.

  4. The style is friendly, conversational, and entertaining with a focus on principle-based solutions to real-life problems.

From the book description on Amazon:

This "ultimate how-to book" will show you how to find answers, be confident, improve your memory, master your emotions, reach your goals, solve your problems, be creative, persuade people, and raise terrific children. 

All that in one book?


This book gives you the basic method for figuring out WHY things happen and WHY things are the way they are. 
With its entertaining stories, fundamental insights, easily-learned, practical skills, and step-by-step instructions, you can start making your life better right now.


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