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Anyone else watching 'The Man in the High Castle'?

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Considering its just been aired in its entirety yesterday, so im gonna be binge-watching it considering how phenomenal the first 2 episodes were, I thought it'd be interesting to ask around here if anyone else is watching. 

For those who dont know what it is, its an incredibly well-done alternate history thing where the Axis have won WW2, and IMO its one of the most pro-freedom shows made in a long time. There is an eerily well-done moment in the second episode where a father of a young boy explains how the old pre-Nazi America was degenerate and evil because of individualism and self-interestedness (using those words), and how a kid doing well in his class via unorthodox methods should be expelled for putting himself first. Just how well they portray the everyday thinking and working of a changed, totalitarian American society is brilliant.

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