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Setback. Setback is an ugly word. It is a notion used by countries other than the United States-until now. Anyone listening to the Presidents concluding speech in Antalya, Greece can no longer deny his personal assessment. If you doubt, here's a reminder: Americans repeatedly beheaded, a Jordanian piolet burned alive, fifty plus shoppers killed in Lebanon, hundreds dead in a turkey by bomb, a Russian airliner with two hundred twenty four souls lost over Sinai, a massacre of hundreds of innocents in France and finally a frightening message coming our way, death will soon come to America. And what is the administration doing about it?, next to nothing. What would it take for this president to open his eyes to the obvious. Isis has declared war on us and all we do is to reacess and regurgitate the same old platitudes. It's not a war! They didn't mean it! It's only a few out of millions! Well, while we reacess Isis gets bigger, bolder and stronger. And please never use the words "radical Islam" to describe these heartless murders-it hurts their feelings! It is as if we are living in some kind of fantastic bizzarro world where white is black and black is white. It's either that, or for some unknown reason Washington is purposely turning the blind eye of denial to those ungodly acts or that Isis, Isil or Dashi (whatever you want to call them ) doesn't even exist in the first place! I hope that accessment is not the case. But "setback(s)", is a word this country may have to learn to accept.  But maybe that was the plan all along. 

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