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Not Philosophical Question But I'm Trying To Find Name of A Girl

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This isn't really a philosophical question but I don't know where else to get my answer.

Here it is:

There is this Hispanic girl that I saw a few years ago at my university... Our professor taught both of our classes and one day he had her class and my class take a test together... I haven't seen her since that day but for some reason she's been constantly on my mind. Even though I don't know her I still have this weird intense urge to see her... To the point where it is uncomfortable sometimes.
The professor has since left the school and I'm about to graduate next semester so I'm thinking about shooting my shot and asking one of the faculty/staff in the business school if they can provide me with the roster of the class she was in. How should I go about asking for a roster or her name if I want to limit the creepy factor and augment my chances for success? What should I say and how should I ask?

Does anybody have any suggestions on where else I could post this question to get better answers?

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