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This is one of my favorite movies, with one of my favorite actors. He prefers that people call him Tony.

In portraying characters with such emotional intensity, Anthony Hopkins can strike nerves, evoke awe in people, and tremendously move one at ones core.

I chose this movie to discus because its plot is quite controversial when you analyze the main character (Tony), and follow a series of events that had led him to murdering 3 African park rangers.

Tony plays anthropologist, Ethan Powell, who spends some time in Africa studying gorillas.

He follows the large animals every day for 3 years (taking photos and analyzing the animals) while symotaneously getting closer and closer to them in their natural environment.

One day, the Alpha Gorilla begins to interact back with Powell, as the animals had become accustom to his presence.

Slowly but surely, the Gorillas begin to accept Powell as one of their own.

One day, one of the gorilla mothers who had become comfortable with Powell, gave her baby gorilla to Powell and Powell felt a strong emotional connection with the baby as well as at home with the entire gorilla group.

At that moment, holding the baby gorilla, suddenly a gun shot came out of nowhere, and one of the big gorillas fell to the ground. 

Powell took the baby gorilla and ran win the other gorillas to hide. He safetly hid the baby gorilla in the brush, as the baby reached his hands back at Powell asking to be picked up and comforted in all the chaos.

More bullets went off and more gorillas were falling dead. Hopkins becomes overcome by rage and picks up a thick stick rushing through the trees beating the African poachers, like an overly powerful wild animal.

Poachers finally stop him with a bullet to the leg, and one of the poachers puts his foot on Hopkins head and points a gun at him. At this moment, the alpha gorilla sees Powell in distress and charges the poachers, who react quickly and kill the gorilla.

Anthony Hopkins and the big gorilla who are both laying on the ground make eye contact as Hopkins fills with tears.

He is arrested and sent home to America to a high level psychiatric ward.

The second part of the film is basically a story of a psychologist listening to Hopkins story of the gorilla pack, as he slowly begins to talk with the psychologist after not muddering a word for years since he was detained.

Hopkins jeopardizes his ability for parole by attacking a prison guard who was beating other mentally ill patients who have all come to love Powell.



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