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House M.D.

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I just recently finished watching House, and it was a decent show. I don't know how I feel about the ending. It wasn't very satisfying for me seeing House decide to "change" because... the show didn't seem to be too clear on the final reason. What does anybody else here think?

Also, this is my first post on this site, so consider this my official "Hello".

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Welcome to the forum.

I loved House and was sorry to see it go. It was witty, interesting, smart, and the characters seemed like they could have existed, in their own weird world. I thought the ending was plausible, for a moment in the show's time. House chose his friend, in his characteristic over-the-top way. Maybe his friend will have died before House had the chance to sabotage his own choice again, regarding his personal relationships.

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I skipped more than half of the last season because I really wanted to see the last episode. In the last episode, he says to someone during a flashback (like done in previous episodes), "Nobody cared about the medicine," after skipping over details. The medicine has always been like a background to let personal conflicts have good content.

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