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Hidden Inflation and Socialist Propaganda

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In Arizona government involvement in housing has created an inflation in home prices and at the same time as prices climb the anti-capitalist talk increases. People who bought homes for $80K are now selling them for almost $200K. Land is at a premium with most of the undeveloped land surrounding the Phoenix area belonging to government or preserve land. Also home builders have increased costs due to requirements for public works and other fee increases. This is hidden inflation that Alan Greenspan cannot prevent by holding steady the cost of milk, eggs, and butter. People that are blaming this on greedy land developers need to catch and clue and read "Egalitarianism and Inflation".

This supports what I have said earlier on this website that despite President Bush's pro-US foreign policy, he continues to allow the socialists to expand their powers internally. Now with his latest idea to increase social security taxes, he risks even more that the free market will be blamed when things go bust. All the more reason for US businesses to consider moving operations overseas. Since employers pay a good chunk of social security taxes anyway, these increases will only encourage employers to do just that.

Expect expect even more voiciferous socialist propaganda in the next election. With Bush giving them the farm, the socialists in both parties will be emboldened.

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