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Where do physical insecurities come from? (the fear of being ugly)

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If you are not physically insecure yourself, you sure have met people who are. I think that shame/fear/anxiety/depression/self-isolation/etc caused by this, sometimes life debilitating, insecurity is one of the most prevalent psychological issues of our times.

Do you have any physical insecurities? If, yes what are they and what lays at their origins?

I am wondering where does all this come from?  What are its roots?  Why and whom of us develop insecurities in the looks category? And most importantly, what is the antidote to it?



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Actually, in most places on earth, an intelligent mind is considered the best asset of all human characteristics.

A smart brain, is a sexy brain. However, physical insecurities run rampant even through the most beautiful of peoples minds.

In fact, some may have inferred that the prettier one is, the stronger their physical insecurities are (as a fragile ego) - swayed in to insecurity by one backwards cap comment about how "unattractive you are!"

I may be a bit overweight. But I am strong, like a football player. I try to manifest a strong bubble of confidence. I am smart and fun. Also, I exercise my mind, knowing that a healthy, well endowed brain is one attribute that will keep me sharp well into the sunset years of my life.

My suggestion for you, is to read as much as you can. Find what interests you and pursue that field, practice in that field, and develop a set of expertise and tools used within that pursuit.

Learn what you love, and learn it inside out, upside down, sideways and backwards. Master something, and study all the theory behind it! Or discover your own theories, strategies and techniques by repetitious practice and trial and error learning.

As one article I read put it:

No matter what. If you lose your money, if you lose your health, even if you lose you belongings...

You will never lose your brains and knowledge you acquire. A smart brain, is a sexy one.

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