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The Joy of Young Afghan Skateboarders

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Hello! It is satisfying seeing girls from Afghanistan having fun when in those countries the women don't have many rights. It is sad to know that they cannot use bicycles because they are female, but at least they are permitted to skateboard. Times are changing and with time I believe that the middle eastern culture can change in that perspective of seeing women. Thank you for sharing those amazing photographs and that article. I wanted to know, what is your point of view of what I said? It's interesting seeing and enjoying what other people want to share with you. 

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I watched this speech from Oliver Percovich, the founder of Skateistan. He explains how skateboarding is a "loophole" in the otherwise general oppression of women in Afghanistan. It's such a foreign sport to that country that the cultural leaders haven't figured out an excuse to ban it yet. So Percovich is using skateboarding to connect these poor girls with education.


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