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Reblogged:Who’s the Boss? Facebook Is Here to Remind Us

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Warning Label: Facebook has determined that the following article is deemed “fake” by its crack team of unbiased objective fact-checkers including, but not limited to, the Democrat-supporting ABC, Snopes, and PolitiFact. While we’re worried enough about profitability and advertising to mostly just go through the motions of this to mollify shrieking, tantrum-throwing and crying Hillary Clinton supporters, it’s also a way to hopefully chill the edge of dissenting opinion we blame for electing Donald Trump president and possibly doing other things such as criticizing Islam, repealing Obamacare, lowering taxes or reducing government regulations. We just won’t have it. Consider this our way of reminding you who’s the boss.

Keep in mind that Facebook is a private company. It has a right to totally banish news opinions or articles with which its owners disagree. They should at least have the nerve to say so openly. Instead, they provide us with the spectacle of hiring openly left-wing censors to screen against “fake news.”

What we badly need is a market solution, not a government-regulation solution. Before it’s all over, if Facebook really means to chill dissension, millions of people who currently communicate ideas or attitudes via Facebook may simply have to walk away in mass numbers, and set up operations elsewhere.

It’s ironic. Socialistic democratic leftists like Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg don’t want a free market. They want a government-regulated and essentially government-run economy, propped by manipulative and high taxation as well as government regulations designed to foster outcomes they consider good. Were the situation reversed, progressives and Democrats would be screaming and shrieking for lawsuits and government controls. It’s ironic that they now depend on the free market they so despise to try and rid Facebook of dissenting opinion which they self-righteously label “fake news.”

Remember that leftist-progressive intellectuals, the sort who will be deeming stories as “fake” or “not fake” on Facebook, are philosophical subjectivists. They don’t think there’s such a thing as objective reality. They view reality as a projection based upon one’s gender, racial or class identity. When determining what’s “objectively” valid, they don’t mean true or false in the rational sense of the term. They only consider as true whatever advances and supports their socialist, collectivist, feminist, environmentalist or Islamofascist narrative. If Facebook is serious about this policy, we can expect to see more of these narratives going forward, and fewer dissenting perspectives of any kind.

Suggested caveat you might want to place on any article you choose to post on Facebook in the future: “Warning: Facebook may deem this article as fake based on its leftist-progressive ideology. Let the reader beware. The censors are not objective.”

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