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Hey Folks, The following is a post I wrote inside a FB thread about caring about people.  I know it's an uphill battle to separate the reality of duty and selfish pursuits in a world that does not recognize the reason of self interest based on the accurate identity of human existence.  Some of you will not understand the last statement.  But I wanted to test my enclosed post - there are great thinkers on this sight and I can learn from them ripping my post apart.  I hope my friends will cut me up.
Where does all this bad thinking come from? Who said it is moral to deny what you see as valuable in favor of what you do not seek. STOP - if you are not a thinker, if you will not Google the ideas in this post to understand them, stop reading.
St. Augustine established Christian duty above reason in about 610 AD, Immanuel Kant established secular duty as a basis for morality in the mid 1700's. What came from this duality of duty?
The idea of ALTRUISM as a moral imperative and selfishness as a moral cancer. But no one questioned what is in your reasonable self interest, no one said bad people do bad things - it's like they couldn't recognize that man could be bad or good. They just assumed that man was bad.
But man was in the process of evolving and part of that evolution included a new faculty of consciousness - reason. Reason tells us that self interest is not served by initiating force or fraud against anyone.
Dozens of thinkers and writers have tried to figure this out in the last 100 to 200 years and have mostly got it wrong because of the mental prejudice they existed in. The answer is every person has a right (not in religious or other mysticism but in the reality of their existence) in the reality of existence as a living being (requiring a reality to continue alive) to their life. That human life is sustained by the use of a mental capacity called reason, and reason requires freedom and liberty to sustain the underlying organism. Humans have a right to life because life requires that right - it's like an axiom - it's a dual idea that answers itself.
This post is a base to all the comic and political shared posts I have enjoyed or cringed at. You can't change the underlying focus of your world by re-posting or sharing a cute or comic post. You have to think, you have to spend the time to think, you have to read the stuff your entertainment icons use as primary resources. No, you have to dig further.
Wanna make a difference? You gotta study - history and philosophy. Don't worry, it's fun.
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