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Etsy leather-bound classics. (Spoiler Alert: The Fountainhead)

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Etsy binds a large print edition of "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead" in a hard cover leather-bound copy. Since receiving them, "The Fountainhead" is going on the second read in as many weeks. After nearly 25 years, it was like reading it for the first time, as so many details had been obscured in the ever deepening fog of of clear recollection.

Apart from snippets looked up to clarify or search on various key words over the last few years, Dominique's relationships with Peter and Guy, Guy's ship, the "I Do" and many other factors were like seeing them for the first time.

Here's an interesting interjection I noticed about Nike Apteros by Ellsworth Toohey to Peter Keating upon his arrival for an appointment. Her nearly inconspicuous use of 'unprepossessing' just prior to Ellsworth noting that he was certain Keating would say "that's always been my favorite" could have certainly gone unnoticed if it hadn't been there.

If you're not familiar with them, or you haven't looked them up before, here's The Parthenon:The_Parthenon_in_Athens.jpg

and here's the Nike Apteros:Temple_of_Athena_Nike.jpg


The Etsy books appear to be well constructed. (Shameless plug for what appear to be quality craftsmanship, this early in the game.)

It is easy to relate to many of the character traits of Howard Roark. Dominique plays a pivotal role in exposing the second-hander theme in the novel. The seeds of "the sanction of the victim" as well as "The Romantic Manifesto" are clearly already germinating in the rich loam she cultivated(/identified) within.


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Parthenon vs. Hekatompedon (the hundred foot temple)

“That [Hekatompedon] means ‘the hundred-foot temple’ and the main room of the big temple was indeed exactly 100 feet long,” Janric van Rookhuijzen, the archeologist behind the research, told The Telegraph.

He acknowledges that Hekatompedon, which is mentioned in archives dating back 2,500 years, does not exactly roll off the tongue. A more user-friendly name would be “The Great Temple of Athena.”

“Hekatompedon is a difficult name to pronounce. That may be part of the reason that Parthenon caught on – it was much more catchy,” he said.

It is more telling with the following tidbit as well:

Parthenon means “house of virgins” and the smaller temple is indeed decorated with stone caryatids, sculpted female figures which act as pillars, holding up the roof.

Alas, The Fountainhead shall never read the same for me again.

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