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What makes you optimistic?

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OK, we all know that there's a lot in the world we don't like. But what are some reasons that keep you going, things that you're optimistic about?


I can start:

* I'm thankful there's so many smart people in today's world. Jeff Bezos is working on space, and so is Elon Musk.

* There's greater opportunity than ever before to design our lives as we wish.

* There are a lot of smart people working on crypto currencies, and they are going to dramatically change the power of governments.

* There are more books than ever. Almost any subject I can just search for it, then I can learn from world experts on the subject.

* There is less violence in the world than ever before.

* The project Mindshore is inspiring me very much, what if it works, and what if we can build something unimaginably beautiful?

* International air tickets are cheap, making travel more accessible than ever.

* Software is impacting more and more areas of life, making things more convenient and faster.


What are things you're grateful for?

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Modern life in modern societies has become so easy. It is true that most people struggle to make ends meet, but the funny thing is that some who struggle would be considered rich by others who struggle, and those near the bottom would be considered rich by millions in the third world. Getting a job and lifestyle that would have been the envy of half the world's population just a generation ago... this has become so easy. So easy that one can coast through life, living comfortably from day to day, even with little sense of direction and purpose. So easy that one is in danger of losing one's soul.

For this, I'm truly grateful ;) 

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