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Beef up your brain with reading!

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Don't confuse the mere decoding of words and fluent pronunciation of them with deep comprehension of material. Often times if you do not focus, you generally will read entire paragraphs having not understood any of the concepts within. This happens when you do not have a vested interest in the topic you are reading, thus you make very loose if any associations in your brain.
Understanding is jeopardized by a lack of enthusiasm as reading feels more like a burdensome task rather than a rich exciting exploration of literary world's.
It's often recommended to slow down your reading, rereading sections often and really digesting the material. Complex sentences can be unraveled only through deliberate concentration and rich background knowledge that allows for applying what you read to what you already know.
In an attempt of remedial intervention, educators found that through 100 hours of reading, test subjects or students were able to increase the white matter in their brains. (significant brain development had occurred.)
So if you want to change your brain and possibly increase your crystallized intelligence, try reading for 100 hours (Not all in one day!)
It's also important to read material that is of average or higher complexity. The harder the reading material, the more you must exert and challenge yourself. Hence, the payoffs are much larger! (Because the analogical workout is heavier!)
At the very least you should read everyday for a minimum period of time. As the days go on, the amount you read adds up. Reading is truly a unique neural workout. And Everyone who has goals to be successful in this day and age, will reach such levels only by reading as it is the best exercise for the organ that is your brain.
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