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This October 31 will be 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg. Ideas move the world.

October 31 is Halloween, and Luther had his reasons for selecting that day to launch what would become the Reformation. That day came to be known also as Reformation Day. I was born on that day in 1948, a Sunday in that year. I was born before dawn, and I’ve found that is my right time for starting each day. Ideas move the world.

10:31:17.png Ein Feste Burg

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What an outstanding, deep article by Ghate, Stephen. Yes, individual existence: the ultimate value. Each, the capability to find value and to create value (and to be valued) - by reasoned choice, not command. Each a single state to and from whom all blessings arrive and flow. For all their mysticism, God worship, obedience, dualist-conflict - and periods of brutality or interference, I am unsure if secularists (often, 'neo-mystics')will hold civilisation together as long as did the religious who at least placed absolute worth in the Immortal Soul of an individual. When the bother of the Soul was dispensed with by reductive materialists - severing it along with the conscious mind, the "self" - I ask, wasn't it one step forward and half a step backwards for man?

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