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Link needs fixing?

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Somebody sent me this email.  I'm not sure why they sent it to me.  I'm posting it here in hopes it will be seen by someone in a better position to respond.

Heather from Staysafe.org <[email protected]>

3:30 PM (16 hours ago)
to dougmorris66
Hi there,

I was reading your site and noticed a dead link on: http://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php.

The website, www.ncjrs.org (National Criminal Justice Reference Service) is sending your readers to an irrelevant site.

The correct site is www.ncjrs.gov. Thought you might want to make that change so your readers can get the information you intended for them.

I'm with The National Home Security Alliance. We publish articles on a wide range of issues related to safety and crime and I think a lot of our content could serve as a beneficial resource to your informative site.

I'd be honored if you would you consider adding us a resource. 


Thanks for your time and consideration.


Heather Nye
Outreach Intern
National Home Security Alliance
1200 G Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20005


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1) The index page has no links like that.

2) That person has no apparent reason to be on this site.

3) The bulk of the message is an ad for staysafe.org.

4) That person claims the link is relevant to this site, when anyone reading it would know better.

5) The two similar messages were sent almost two months apart.

In short, this is pure spam.  It's an old variety: "We're not really spamming, we're providing a public service, notifying of broken links!" (Or some other excuse.)

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