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I'm not so sure I've acted in my self interest raising this issue...  Also, I have misunderstood and/or been negligent in honestly seeking the motivations of Merlin... justice demands an apology

I didn't see a forum where I thought this post fits well. If the moderators want to move it to another forum , that's okay. Anyway, I've been posting to this blog for a while, and believe some would f

I appreciate all the links Merlin makes to his blog entries. They are informative, and convenient for me to go to from here. I don't get to follow up with comments usually, because I'm on other things

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Thanks for the look into MacIntyre's famous book. My own take on moral debates has been and is that there are no incommensurable moral premises; parties only need to be willing to dig deeper. There is deeper to be dug concerning human psychology including moral psychology--digging both in developmental moral psychology and in philosophical analysis. That goes not only for the opponent concerns you exhibited from MacIntyre's text, but for the contrasting outlook of taking the making of one's life a good one (in the circumstances) to be the essence of morality with taking one's treatment of persons as persons to be the essence of morality. The debate and progress in the debate can go on, even if particular thinkers and particular eras have finished their own engagements over the questions without getting beyond certain impasses between the outlooks.

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