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Association for Cultural Experimentation

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Hello, I'm A.C.E…


Association for Cultural Experimentation — an assumed name, grandiose sounding — but it’s just little old conceited me. 

I adopted it years ago for the production of exotic parties and the like. I had always been interested in cultural conventions, 
especially testing-out their boundaries, trying to discover why things are the way they are, so it remains a befitting pseudonym. 

I do consider it more honest to use one’s own name, yet I suppose a certain anonymity might be more conducive in forum discussions. 
Therefore, rather than the grinning face of yours truly, a monotone sphere hovers impartially as my A.C.E. avatar.



Opening up for an introductory glimpse: 
I’m a British cove of 1963 vintage, now living in Italy and enjoying working at life. 

I only discovered Objectivism fairly recently, coming to it from an interest in neuroscience/philosophy of mind, 
finding it revolutionizing my prior way of thinking; beautifully logical, cogent, honest, inspiring — in short, philosophy done well. 

I’m here on this forum to learn. 
I seek to help iron out a string of assorted queries, adding my own penn’orth to existing threads, or start fresh ones if indispensable. 

I intend to start with a couple of issues in metaphysics that I’d like clarifying, 
then gradually work through the other branches of philosophy one-by-one towards aesthetics — at least that’s the plan.


P.S. Hats off to the founder, DavidV, and all the current staff on this valuable forum 
(+ to the remarkable Alisa Zinov’yevna who made all this possible).

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