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The Resistance Banker

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A dramatization of events surrounding the creation and operation of an underground banking setup to aide the resistance against German aggression during World War Two.

It nicely illustrated the angle of doing the right thing, in the context of being in the midst of a war.

Internet Movie Database link to The Resistance Banker.

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Along a similar vein is "Alone in Berlin"

While not a dramatic a film, the parallel of sand in a machine is intriguing. His notes weren't going to change the course of the war, or the country.

What seems inverted is Otto thought that he is introducing the sand into the machinery of the state. Conversely, it is the ideas that put America in process that is akin to the oil or lubrication conducive to fine running machine. The Hitlers, and statist and other authoritarians take the machines being held together by chicken-wire and bubble gum, and contaminate the lubricant beyond what any filters that may be in place can effectively screen out.

This is not a recommendation to see the film, just a few thoughts generated after having watched it recently.

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