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Which Eternity?

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6 hours ago, Grames said:

Are you familiar with Peikoff's D.I.M. theory?  If so, would you contend that there is no such thing as M, the misintegration?

Yes.  Good book.  I didn’t say men are infallible.  But to be sure there are those much more susceptible to the error than others.

To clarify, I’m not saying that the irrational, mystical, or insane of the world are not a problem, they are, but that which they purportedly refer to in their irrational, mystical, or insane babblings literally poses no cognitive or metaphysical problem for us. They cannot, they are nothings which cannot actually cause anything.

Unknowables don’t kill people, people kill people.

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A little "unknowable" humor attempt here, but only if the temptation to peek is resisted.


I may be getting slap happy here. To the Beatles tune Imagine:

Imagine there's no problems, ♪♫♬
It's easy if you try . . . ♪♫♬

. . . one can't exactly sing about them, if they didn't exist!


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