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Anyone playing World of Warcraft?

Wonderful game.

I tried it once but it was too time consuming and financially expensive (for me). I used to be monomaniacally obsessed with wc3/wc3xp,. but then realized it was consuming my life--so I broke the CD, and that fixed the problem. :)

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Anyone playing World of Warcraft?

Wonderful game.

Yeah. I'm <gasp> Iakeo, a <GASP!> Troll, on "Bleeding Hollow"

(Central Timezone Server).

See http://www.tooskatribe.com/

Us'gaiz tak au'a oun tak de'a. Au'a kulchaa stei kummin alaan chok gud, at liiss ai

tink so...

Ma'alo fo da tak'tak..!! Us-he'a'gaiz meibi tak'sto'ui sumdei in da Holi'laen av

Stchraaneltoan..! Haiaiaiaiai..!!



We talk our own talk (language) there. Our culture is coming along very well, at

least I think so.

Thanks for the conversation..!! We (here) maybe talk story (have deep

conversation) someday in the Holy Land of Stranglethorn..! <exultation cry>..!!

Aloha folks (you guys).

-Iakeo :)

Edited by Iakeo
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Well, we can get philosophical about WoW :worry:

I played for about 3 months and really got bored of it. It was too easy to level up and character specialization was truely lacking. Although I liked the mechanics and the features that made it easier to play (as opposed to other MMOs I've played), it seemed that it was on "easy mode" and I really wasn't challenged all that much with any of the characters I played.

One thing about MMOs in general is the real selfless mentality that some players have. Everywhere you hear "need before greed", which in essence is giving away loot to others that may have less than you. Then there sometimes is the "Attila" charactor that bullies players into giving up loot that she/he didn't really earn. Either way, it's a fantasy-land which can really be detrimental to your life if you dedicate too time time to the game. Because MMOs are perpetual and "always on" there's always an urge to play and improve your standing, so to speak. I've logged months of playing time on other MMOs and then I've asked myself "what have I accomplished?" and wondered what I could have done in my time to improve my life other than entertaining myself with a silly video game.

I've found that if you try and break the MMO habit a girlfriend is an excellent option (preferably one that doesn't play video games :) ) to spend free time with since it's true interaction with a RL person. Perhaps joining a club, or reading up on philosophy is another option. Really, it was after discovering Objectivism about a year ago that I stopped my MMO craze (I even flew to Europe to party with my Guild) kind of faded out, although I'd be interested in a true online RPG without the need to level and gain phat l3wt.

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...I've found that if you try and break the MMO habit a girlfriend is an excellent option (preferably one that doesn't play video games  :D ) to spend free time with since it's true interaction with a RL person.  ...

(I'm married :thumbsup:)

I've gotten quite bored with WoW, actually, and have decided to only keep my

account going for 1 more month, to test how much I actually want to get back in.

The community of my "Chraib" (Troll tribe, or guild) has been fun, but most of the

action is out-game in the tribes website forums.

I've been listening to audio versions of AR's and Piekoff's works that I've gotten

on www.audible.com, and that activity is taking over from the MMO "addiction". :)

This is a good thing..!

I do love the possibilities of MMO's, but I think it'll be several years (most likely 6

to 8) before anyone develops an adequate one for my tastes.

World creation is a "hobby" of mine, and I've been working on a "world" (large

archipelago actually) which will become an objectivist-oriented literary piece. I've

been working on it, VERY sporadically, for about 20 years.

I've often thought of ways to make a MMORPG out of my world, but there's no

chance of such a thing happening, it was time for me to move on to something


Anyway,.. I'm just about done with MMO's, as they are indeed a waste of time. :)


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