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Not to pick on Geraldo Rivera, but the Mueller Report -- much-anticipated by "millions" according to NBC (I was not one of them.) -- is done and dusted.



I will admit not closely following this, but I was jaded by countless other similar stories from the past: I strongly suspected there was nothing to this and, in any event, wasn't privy to all the information the investigators found and combed through. I am glad I did not waste much time on this, but that does not make me unconcerned. The tone and obvious purpose behind much of the coverage of this manufactured scandal are disturbing to say the least:

Image via Wikipedia, fair use.
The Mueller Report has been issued. At this moment, no one has actually yet seen it, other than a few top guys at the Justice Department -- Barr, Rosenstein, maybe a handful of others. Nobody knows what's in it, except for one thing: according to a "top Justice Department official" (probably Barr or Rosenstein), there are going to be no more indictments, whether relating to Russian "collusion" or anything else. Oh, wait a minute. Before today, there also had been zero indictments for anything having to do with "collusion" with the Russians by Trump or his campaign. So that one little thing that we know means that, after almost two years of investigation by Mueller and his team, and after another year plus of investigation by the FBI before that, the vast and awesome armies of our Justice apparatus have found exactly nothing in the way of criminal "collusion" between Trump or his campaign and the Russians.
The conservative commentator I quote above does not say as much, but NBC admitted (link above) just ahead of the weekend that the contents of the report are secret by law. But just wait for a big outcry from some quarters that the report has not been published. (Or not. I bet that's in full swing.)

The real scandal is that we have a far less than ideal President and the best his alleged opponents can do is weave conspiracy theories like this or fantasies like the Green New Deal. (I regard Trump as practically a Democrat, although perhaps a bit old-fashioned, and wonder a little why he doesn't enjoy more support from the media.) And, on top of that, his supporters -- who are supposedly in favor of limited government -- are now rallying behind him "bigly." Some of that is understandable and I am sympathetic: This was another disgraceful Kavanaugh-type attack, Trump did not deserve it, and he weathered the storm. But the fact remains that Trump is no champion of liberty, and his "vindication" does not change that. At best, the media and the Democrats have discredited themselves enough that they will fail to make significant headway for another four years. But that leaves the door open for Trump to further entrench xenophobia and bad trade policy among the Republicans, who should know better.

So there are no winners here. Indeed, liberty is the biggest loser, having been starved of oxygen first by desperate opponents and now by (among others) her bungling would-be friends.

-- CAV

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