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L.a. Voiceover Class - Humor!

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I'll be teaching a Saturday-morning voiceover class in Los Angeles, April 9 - 30th.

The focus will be on HUMOR!

For the voiceover artist, a good sense of humor — and the ability to use it skillfully — is an invaluable asset. Most commercials on TV and radio are comedic, not to mention animated movies, TV shows and webtoons!

We'll talk about what humor is, how to use humor to bring your performance to life, creating fun characters with your voice, and lots more.

Please see my website for more info. Class size is very limited, so don't delay!


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That would be an intersting class to take and wouldn't mind looking into it. Yet, could you possibly teach a voice over class about how not to ruin a good Anime or Asian movie with crappy voice over work. :santa: I prefer watching these in Japanese or Original language regardless, but why does the voice over work have to be so god awful. I think I understand with Anime that since it is Animation that many may view this as a cartoon and as such treat as something for children to watch and not serious work.

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A few things to keep in mind with Anime:

1. Anime scripts are translated from another language. Most translators are not very artful; translated lines are often awkward and very literal. Consequently, they tend to be difficult to act because they sound so unnatural.

I've done sessions with translated scripts that were nearly incoherent, often with the director telling me (in broken English) to feel free to "change" anything that I don't think sounds right — much more easily said than done, not to mention not what I've been hired for!

2. Anime is dubbed, meaning that the actors in the studio are watching a screen and trying to match their words to the finished picture. This can be extremely tricky, especially when the character's mouths were animated for another language. (With most other animation, the voices are recorded first.)

Anime recording sessions are primarily a technical endeavor, often long and grueling, with actors recording their parts individually, and each line a separate "take."

3. Last but not least: Despite the extra demands on the actor, most Anime voiceover jobs pay shockingly poorly. And in this business, you really do get what you pay for.

Add it all up, and you have amateur voice artists struggling to match awkward, out-of-context lines to mouths that were once speaking Japanese.

I've heard it said that Anime is a way for aspiring voiceover actors to break in to the field. I'm not sure I agree. If you're a hard-core fan of the genre, you might want to look into it. Otherwise, I'd advise sticking to less headache-inducing types of v.o., at least when you're just starting out.

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Like I said I prefer watching these in Japanese or the original language anyway. Yet Anime is expansive and so sometimes I am forced to watch it on TV where you don't have the option of watching it in original language. I was just joking in many ways but I understand the difficulties of the translating. Of course another area that better voice talent is needed is in Video Games now. I have had many game now that would be enjoyable if it wasn't for the horrific voice work on the games. Like the one I am playing now a few of the characters don't sound like they are emoting anything and are just reading the script with out any idea of what type of emotion could be going into the game. I wish i could play these in Japanese as well sometimes and read the subtitles. Japanese is also a langauge I want to learn eventually. I think it is very beautiful.

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