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I went to this movie after reading its review at boxofficemojo.com. Before reading the review, I wasn't planning to, but after reading it, my curiosity was picqued. After watching it, I will say it's one of the better movies I have seen in recent times (after dissapointments like Be Cool - what else can you expect from a sequel? It is not even a patch on Get Shorty which was original and stylish). Although cutting out some of the unseemly humor might have made it a be1tter film, I still loved its message of learning to see people, not color, and also the way in which they portrayed the romance between the two central couples in the movie. It was also not all laughs from start to finish - it had its serious moments and they were all meaningful and successful in bringing out the characters' emotions without resorting to sappy dialogues. I recall laughing out loud in many scenes, especially the go-kart one. Final verdict - I would recommend this movie with a note of caution that all the humor may not go down well with everyone.

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