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My search for Sincerity

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Personally, I highly doubt the interest in objectivism to be found on this site or the hearts of its occupants, and anyone who truly values objectivism would understand precisely why it is so difficult to accept that another being could care about objectivism at all. Our society overwhelmingly neglects to reward honesty and accuracy in favor of rewarding conformity and submission. Therefore, a truly invested interest in objectivism is, by definition, a failure to adapt to the environment. It takes a brazen and crystal clear deformity from the human species to truly and validly pursue objectivism. I most certainly qualify as such because I don't crave human approval or interaction enough to compromise on accuracy. Not sustainably, anyway. I'm known to lie and appease others when they prove that sincerity is wasted on them, but I wield that dishonesty entirely as a tool rather than a habit I infect my mind and body with. Lying makes my skin crawl, and that look in someone's eye that silently demands "Play along and pretend that either of us believe what's coming out of my mouth or I'm going to mistreat you" makes me nauseous.

George Carlin once said "If you think there's a solution, you're part of the problem." He may not have been entirely accurate when he said that, but he was certainly onto something. Human progress is inherently a purely team effort, and it would seem to me that there is no existing team on behalf of that. So I'm not here to try and start some kind of movement or change the world. Rather, I'm looking to experience something for the first time: A conversation with someone who values accuracy more than the approval of others. Someone who would like to indulge in some mutual soul-searching and dig into each other's heads to lay the foundation for discourse that is perfectly unhindered by the human stake in playing pretend games. Someone who understands that the very language we use to "communicate" has been undermined and infected by the dishonest intrigues of the humans who wrote it, and how necessary it is to rebuild it from the ground up in order to truly talk to anyone else. Someone who understands just how artificial and abrasive such an effort would need to be in the beginning. Inside and outside of fiction, I've never met anyone else like that, and I'd like to.

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What would you like to discuss?  I think we can start with interactions with other people.  First of all, I always monitor what I say, that is something I had to learn.  I used to think I could say whatever I wanted around people I was close with until I realized I am going to make ppl uncomfortable by going unhinged.  Also, being unhinged is simply emoting, and isn't a very intellectual method of communicating.

I love people when we are a value to each other.  I love my boss because she is directing my proper behavior at work.  She most likely appreciates me because I show dedication to doing good work.  I believe we should have deep conversations about topics we share values in.  This I think will help you with having accurate conversations!

Let me know what you think!


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That is quite the introduction and personal notes, LabelsForConcepts. If you're building a productive life of your own and find those who accept your moral code, that should in turn raise a standard which the honest will repair.

Here is a bit more of the context of the George Carlin citation used:


“Don't confuse me with those who cling to hope. I enjoy describing how things are, I have no interest in how they 'ought to be.' And I certainly have no interest in fixing them. I sincerely believe that if you think there's a solution, you're part of the problem. My motto: Fuck Hope!”

What, pray tell, do you think he is on to?

And, welcome to OO.

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Speaking for myself, I am sincerely interested to see more people taking an interest in Objectivism. If I understand your reasons for doubting my sincerity, you're suggesting that my egoism overrides my sincere desire to witness the rise of a new age of rationality. I have a sincere desire to see a rational trend, locally, if not globally. As a realist, I don't expect any such transformation to take place over-night, or more literally, in my life-time. I accept the fact that the majority of our society lacks any interest in accuracy or abstract concepts. Nonetheless, I am somewhat more optimistic knowing that you have taken some interest in Objectivism, and perhaps one day, you may encounter another individual who qualifies as a true individual, and the two of you may either part ways knowing that you are not alone in a quest for accuracy and sincerity, or the two of you may develop a cooperative partnership. In either case, you may experience a sense of gratification you otherwise would have not known had you not interacted with this other person. Even so small a measure of gratification is worth so small a price. While it's not likely that the next person you meet will be interested in, or familiar with Objectivism, please, don't abandon hope that our numbers are growing. 

PS: Welcome to the forum.

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Accuracy matters
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On 8/24/2019 at 1:19 PM, LabelsForConcepts said:

Personally, I highly doubt the interest in objectivism to be found on this site or the hearts of its occupants, and anyone who truly values objectivism would understand precisely why it is so difficult to accept that another being could care about objectivism at all.

Isn't that exactly in reverse? Personally, it never ceases to amaze me every single time someone fails to get excited about Objectivism; someone who really doesn't care about truth, justice or even their own lives. In a way I've come to expect it, on an intellectual level (which is why I try very hard not to mention it to random strangers anymore) but in my gut I'm still shocked whenever I see it.

I'm not sure why or what it means but your statement strikes me as perfectly backwards, somehow.

You came to the right place for what you're looking for, though. I'm not sure where to start but you're welcome to PM me anytime; I've been known to get abrasive from time to time. :P

Welcome to OO.

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