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I Am A New Age Piano Composer (A Revelation)

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7 minutes ago, nakulanb said:

I was just curious about your critique; I was a bit confused by your post above relating to those two pieces.

If I am still leaving you confused perhaps the following might help.

I received a piano score to learn that had the guitar notation over the piano score. Instead of learning the left hand part, I used the guitar notation to hit the bass key note followed by it's chord directly thereafter.



Here's another Mozart variation using the same approach.



While it enables me to play anything in B flat, so long as I know the melody, the harmony always sounds the same to me, because there are only so many variations to it. Perhaps it over-sensitized me to the approach.

When we analyze what, and why we like something, it can refine our values, or perhaps it can make us persnickety. :)

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