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Judith Miller's, The Caliphate Plods On


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Of course. I'm a businessman. You can't have organized crime without law and order. I love this city, and I see it going to hell. But I won't let it fall apart without a fight.
— Carmine Falcone (John Doman), Gotham, Season 1: Pilot

He played the head of one of the competing "families" in the series.

The Godfather series nicely concretises a point Miss Rand articulated in The Missing Link, Part II

The Mafia (or "family") is a "private government," with subjects who chose to join it voluntarily, with a rigid set of rules rigidly, efficiently and bloodily enforced, a "government" that undertakes to protect you from "outsiders" and to enforce your immediate interests—at the price of your selling your soul, i.e., of your total obedience to any "favor" it may demand. Another example of a "government" without territorial sovereignty is offered by the Palestinian guerrillas, who have no country of their own, but who engage in terroristic attacks and slaughter of "outsiders" anywhere on earth.

From the opening paragraph of The Caliphate Plods On,

“Do not be happy America,” the Islamic State’s audio message warned as it confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his putative successor in back-to-back attacks over the weekend by U.S. forces in northern Syria. Even as the seven-and-a-half minute audio message circulated on the Internet, declarations of “bay’a,” allegiance, to ISIS’s new caliph, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Quarayshi, were pouring in. Many more are expected in coming weeks, as the group’s affiliates in some 22 “wilayat,” or provinces across the globe, pledge support for the new leader and the group’s enduring mission—the implementation of its brutal interpretation of Islamic law.

The Hydra has had one of its heads severed. It is hardly the education required to banish the tribal gangs collectivism gives rise to into a mere footnote of history.

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