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Reblogged:Fonda Jail? Not So Much.

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Jane Fonda's been getting arrested -- for breaking the law in the name of "climate" activism this time.

But has she been doing jail time? Not at all: Hell, she isn't even being fined.

The following comes from a recent Brent Bozell column on the subject:

Something is more than fishy about this catch-and-release policy. (Image by www.raubfisch24.de, via Pixabay, license.)
This is nothing but an exercise in political vanity. Getting arrested sounds all naughty and risky -- but there are no risks. The Capitol Police does not allow demonstrations on the Capitol grounds without a permit, so these leftists come unauthorized and play Martin Luther King for a day -- unauthorized but not unannounced. Press attention (and adulation) is everything, so they make sure everyone knows they're coming. Protesters are put in single-use plastic handcuffs and usually taken to the Capitol Police garage. Fonda isn't sitting in jail over the weekend. No one's fining her $1,000 for the trouble.

When Fonda was first arrested, on Oct. 14, the network morning shows were predictable stenographers to leftist protest. [bold added]
I was at first mildly offended at Bozell's "play Martin Luther King for a day" -- until I realized that that is a perfect characterization of what is going on here. And there is cause for offense, but not directed at Bozell.

Jane Fonda and Ted Danson hardly face the kind of risks that the civil rights protesters of the 1960's faced when they protested Jim Crow in the South.

Their cause is not just: The science concerning climate, being science, is debatable. The notion of the government taking control of the economy and our lives -- given its proper purpose of protecting our rights -- would not follow even if "the science" unequivocally showed a crisis, which it doesn't. Ditto even if "renewables" could quickly take the place of fossil fuels, which they can't.

Indeed, given how popular their views are among the government and the media, they aren't fighting at all.

And on top of this, the Capitol Police are being used, at public expense, as stooges to help them pretend -- to themselves most of all -- that they are being brave.

The fake arrests, on top of being a misuse of government, are an insult to the memory of Martin Luther King, and a sacrilege.

As a professional actress, Jane Fonda is well practiced at pretense. Rather than fawn, more than one journalist should note this fakery. And rather than help her fool the young and the credulous, our negligent journalists should ask: What else about her understanding of the science and professed concern for politics might be phony?

-- CAV

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