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Side discussion, side thread. or commentary

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A conventional forum thread here is generally a "free for all" discussion thread, having a singular thread structure.  Sometimes, a thread can be a formal collection of posts by a single author (like a recurring presentation ... e.g. by Boydstun, or a set of re-posted blogs .. e.g. Merjet)  and sometimes a thread will transform into a conversation or debate between two or three main participants.  In such cases, third party readers probably would like to be able to post questions, commentary, interjections etc. without interrupting the flow of the main thread.  So it would be useful if there were a structure which could act as a "side thread" or a kind of parallel commentary area for questions, comments, and discussion by those third party readers.

Is there any facility or mechanism in the forum software that would allow such a thing to be tacked onto any thread which would benefit from such a thing?  or Is it simply the case that such a thing is just not implemented in any current forum software?

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I would encourage people to post their thought and inject themselves into the existing dialogue. It's not like talking over people in real life. Here you're contributing to the thread, not interrupting. If the idea is substantially unrelated, it can be split into a new topic of its own. As a frequent poster, however, I welcome new parties jumping into the discussion.

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