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Reblogged:Business Lessons From Megxit?

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The British royal family is not exactly a family business, but business writer Suzanne Lucas found similarities relevant to anybody running one. The most important one is this: "Your children aren't obligated [to] remain in the family business."

Building on this, and the family business-like nature of the royal family, Lucas notes the following:

Image by Mark Jones, via Wikimedia Commons, license.
In this case, the family business is set up explicitly for one person to be in charge, and all the other family members get to support that person. Prince William had the advantage of being able to say to Catherine Middleton, "One day, all this will be ours." Prince Harry could only say to Meghan Markle, "One day, this will all be my brother's, and we'll be doing the same thing we do today for the rest of our lives."
And this isn't just any family business -- it's the royal family, and I agree with Lucas that there was probably no good way for Megan Markle to have truly figured out what she was getting into.

I wish the ex-royals well, and salute them for making the difficult -- and admirably selfish -- decision that they did.

-- CAV

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