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Four Things

Four things I learned about as a result of the epidemic, but which aren't about the epidemic...

1. NASA at Home looks to be a fantastic site for those who have kids, or are kids at heart. Embedded below, for example, is a video about how to make a cloud in a bottle.

2. The Vienna Opera has opened its archive for free streaming. I haven't tried this myself so far, but the landing page notes that performances will be available for streaming for up to 72 hours. The thread about this at Hacker News mentions several other similar sites.

3. Julio's Seasoned Corn Chips, which I'd somehow never heard of before, were the only available brand of tortilla chips the last time I went shopping. My son likes "Daddy chips" and I was out.

He didn't like them, but I sure do!

Coincidentally, on the same day I blogged about H-E-B's heroic efforts to stock their shelves during the pandemic, I looked up the brand -- and discovered that H-E-B stocks their shelves with them:
Julio's Corn Chips are legend in these parts, and can be found on shelves of every H-E-B Grocery Store. Seasoned with a Tex-Mex mix of garlic, paprika, cumin, and lime, these 100% stone ground corn chips are robust without being overdone. Enjoy this classic by itself or with Julio's hot or mild home-style salsa for a savory snack anytime.
I was a little disappointed to learn that their presence at a Jacksonville Walmart may have been fluke, but I'll keep an eye out for them in the future, anyway.

4. The Biodiversity Heritage Library has recently released over 150,000 illustrations into the public domain:
The collections are a feast to the eye. Among them, you'll find a digitized copy of Joseph Wolf's 19th-century book Zoological Sketches, containing about 100 lithographs depicting wild animals in London's Regent's Park. You'll also find watercolors depicting flowers indigenous to the Hawaiian islands, and an 1833 DIY Taxidermist's Manual. [links omitted]
The environmentalist slant of the rest of the article tempts me to joke about taking up taxidermy with the kids while we're all home together...

-- CAV

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