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Capital and Digital Entrepreneurship: Whats the Importance of Capital to Create Digital Business?

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Anderson Santos

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Hi, I'm Anderson...

I am writing a thesis and my objective is to investigate the importance of capital in the creation of digital businesses. Our hypothesis is that the most important factor for this type of entrepreneurship is human work and creativity, and not the availability of capital. Although work and creativity have always been important qualities to start a company, we start from the premise that in digital business this importance is especially high due to the new business models on demand, with fractional cost and few barriers to entry (such as virtual platforms and online marketing). In addition, a digital business can use the long tail and be profitable by exploiting niche markets, because with the internet it can reach the entire country or the whole world.

My point today is: how could I express this mathematically? Or how do you think the investigation should continue?

All ideas are welcome

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