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Boris Rarden

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I work outdoors in city parks. I wanted to do this for a long time, but it came handy during Covid.  Before Covid I used to go to the public library to work, but now I can't do that. Once it got warmer in the Spring, I began going outside, with a table setup.   I'm able to carry all this gear on a bicycle, or by car with a wagon cart for the last mile.  Besides the gear, I take lunch with me and plenty of hot tea to keep me warm if it gets cold. (Working in a standing position is warmer.) 

The biggest challenge that remains is an unlimited and affordable LTE mobile plan.

I have an article on Medium that documents it in more detail. It's linked from my homepage.  



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I'm jealous.  I hate my job in sheet metal and want out for an outdoors job.  Postman, park ranger, anything to be outdoors working.

I'm a gear and tactical guy, too.  I drive a Surly Pugsley.  Camp, hunt, fish, survival, etc.  

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