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How JFK paved the way for Donald Trump

"Galling as it may be to many JFK fans, Trump won by applying a lesson that Kennedy was the first to learn and exploit: Presidential nominations are now popularity contests."

In a darker parallel, reading this narrative conjured recollections of Stephen King's miniseries: 11/22/63

edited: Stephen King was an earlier favorite in my life due to his extensive use of connective references that wove a loose thread among some of his earlier novels. In a somewhat perverse, convoluted irony, Peter Keating is credited as being the architect of the referenced article.


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“Buy American” Isn’t Always Best
On-shoring all drug manufacturing would make us less resilient.

Contrast with Harry Binswanger's:

"Buy American" is Un-American

Without having delved deeper into Allison Schrager's referenced links, the gist of her article focuses on how:

"American-made is hard to define, because many intermediate inputs come from abroad."

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The Evolutionary Mystery of Left-Handedness

From Medieval sword-fighters to Broca’s brains, or why the hand may hold the key to the link between creativity and mental illness.
by Maria Popova

The question of why some humans are left-handed — including such notable specimens as Plato, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Debbie Millman, Stephen Jay Gould, Noam Chomsky, and Albert Einstein* — has perplexed scientists for centuries. For Southpaws themselves — the affectionate term for lefties — this biological peculiarity has been everything from a source of stigma to a point of pride. But at the heart of it remains an evolutionary mystery

* Einstein’s handedness is somewhat a matter of debate. While he is often cited among history’s famous lefties, laterality scholars have surmised that he was mixed-handed — which is not to be confused with ambidextrous: mixed-handed people use the right hand for some things and the left for others, whereas the ambidextrous can use both hands equally well for most tasks.

In retrospect, the discovery of the feedback loop provided by mirrors in life in conjunction with the observation of others performing various physical tasks provides a curious relationship yet to be explored within the realm of psychological development.

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Here is a Facebook post that came across my feed with the following preface:



Brilliant article (2016) about the scientific method. Most consistent with Objectivist epistemology (dare I say in competition with in science), if only Objectivists knew it.

No, I will not be arguing with anyone about it. Sharing for info for you to think and judge for yourself.


The Rational Scientific Method

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