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Reasonable Doubt

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For those who are jumping up and down
complaining about Police officers shooting a
suspect in the back.......This is what it looks lie in a
foot chase with an armed suspect, this is how the
suspect gets shot in the back. Can you tell if this is
a real gun, toy gun or a BB gun? No you cannot.
Split second decision, a life or death decision. This
is even with the added daylight. Police officers
have every right to defend themselves period.
Don't resist and don't run Don't steal Tasers and
don't fire them at pursuing officers...........I am sick
to death of all this Anti Police crap.


A picture is not an argument.


The top portion was a meme posted by an acquaintance of mine. The video is a lecture I purchased years ago, now available for free on you-tube. One aspect that sticks out is when Peikoff even dismisses using a movie to counter the abortion issue, he still pointed out the shortcomings of the approach.

I didn't listen to it again just now, but I think this is the presentation that he pointed out how the motion picture, news broadcasts, television, if you will; bypasses the cognitive processes.

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