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Philosophy for Self-Improvement

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I'm joining because I'm started to read through lots of Ayn Rand's works. My interest is primarily in the use of philosophy for self-improvement, i.e., reducing mental conflicts, reducing inefficient thinking, increasing intellect, ability to formulate plans and principles for good decision making at work, relationships and in life. I'm starting to see that if I'm competent philosophically, i.e., have abstract frames for viewing life and the things that happen to me day-to-day, I'm more in control of who I become rather than being a product of my environment. I am starting to see philosophy as a lever on myself and the world. 

I have many, many questions & will be posting summaries or notes from some of the works I'm reading. If there's anyone here who is deeply familiar with Rand's work and has studied it extensively, I'd be interested in finding someone I could speak to and ask my questions about what I'm reading on a paid basis- so if you know anyone just point them to my username or posts.




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Hi Jonathan,

Nice to meet you. I like your rational behind reading Ayn Rand.

One thing you should focus on is Ayn Rand's cardinal values and cardinal virtues.

Her cardinal values are Reason, Purpose Self-Esteem, and the corresponding virtues are Rationality, Productiveness, and Pride.

This can be found on page 27 of The Virtue of Selfishness (50th anniversary edition).

Ms. Rand says that we are beings of self-made wealth, but also self-made soul, and earn our right to hold ourselves as our highest values by achieving our own moral perfection. (Page 29).

You're on an exciting road. It's great to try to improve yourself.

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