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'Virtue of Selfishness' Booklet Structural Outlines

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I'm currently working through this booklet and so here I'll share a structural outline of the book & then a brief summation of what each essay is about.

Structural Outline:
(1) The Objectivist Ethics
(2) Mental Health versus Mysticism and Self-Sacrifice
(3) The Ethics of Emergencies
(4) The "Conflicts" of Men's Interests
(5) Isn't Everyone Selfish?
(6) The Psychology of Pleasure
(7) Doesn't Life Require Compromise
(8) How Does One Lead a Rational Life in an Irrational Society
(9) The Cult of Moral Grayness
(10) Collectivized Ethics
(11) The Monument Builders
(12) Man's Rights
(13) Collectivized "Rights"
(14) The Nature of Government
(15) Government Financing in a Free Society
(16) The Divine Right of Stagnation
(17) Racism
(18) Counterfeit Individualism
(19) The Argument from Intimidation



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