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Four Things

1. Two or three years ago, I told my daughter, who is now nine, about the first time I kissed her. I was in the operating room for the delivery, and a nurse had just placed her, swaddled and sleeping, on a small table.

She was so tiny that the only place big enough to plant a kiss was her forehead, so that's where I kissed her.

A few days after that, she kissed me good night on the forehead, and I returned her kiss, also on the forehead.

That has been how we say good night ever since.

2. On our last trip to the beach, a couple preparing to leave gave us a sand dollar that they'd found (pictured below).

Fortunately, they advised me to bleach it "sooner rather than later" to avoid odors. I'd seen a live one before, but did not realize this was necessary.
The sand dollar, before and after. (Image by the author. Permission is granted to copy.)
3. Like my wife, my daughter enjoys lucid dreaming. She first told me about it, and I referred her to her mother, who evidently supplied her with the term, which she remembered imperfectly.

The next day, she asked me, "Daddy, what's an elusive dream?"

4. I have mentioned here a couple of times that I have put my daughter's "sniper eyes" to good use in finding things. It's her "super power," as she likes to put it.

My son's super power is having a memory like a steel trap.

If I need to be reminded of something with him around, especially if I won't have a chance to remind myself in some other way reasonably soon, I'll ask him to help me. Just yesterday, he kept me from forgetting to fill their thermoses ahead of a tutoring session, where the water fountains are now off-limits.

Amusingly, he doesn't seem to think much of his own super power and will try spotting things he deems hard to find in an effort to supplant his older sister as the one with the super power of superior vision. Even more amusing, is that this bothers her.

-- CAV

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