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Checkmating Leftists

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I checkmated this self-described "pragmatic progressive Leftist" in only two moves--a personal best.



Someone posted this question to a philosophy group on Facebook: "Does white privilege exist? If so, what are some concrete examples that you can point to?"

Mr. Zook replied and I responded to him.

GZ: Have any of you white people ever traveled on a pedestrian level and worked in the lower levels of our economy ... drank in dive bars ... been on the street ... if you have and you can tell me that their even at this low economic/social level wasnt   a difference in the way you were treated by service providers and law enforcement from the way black and brown Americans were treated ... tell me about it ... white privilege was obvious to me and I saw and experienced it everywhere I went ... so philosophize away ... my experience is my expierience😷🏻

Me: You didn't offer one actual example of white privilege. "My experience is my experience" is not an argument. It's a fallacious appeal to authority--to yourself. What happened to you that makes you believe in "white privilege"? Maybe you were just hanging out in a neo-Nazi bar. Did you ever think of that? Try hanging out with non-racists.

GZ: I traveled back and forth a crossed the US five times ... by plane ... by hitchhiking ... by bus ... by train spent time in the Bowery in NYC where The only assistance I received was from black people ... lots of bars in the west and in the south and in the north ... missions .... .etc ... yes and some of them were right wing bars ... and some were not and I spent plenty of nights in jail and had many run ins with sheriffs .. troopers and local police... and later I spent time in board room or two and lunched in classy bars for Martini lunches ... every run in with law enforcement that I ever experienced was I ever physically abused .. no matter what crap came out of my mouth... made fun of ... stuck in a solitary cell in a basement and the other people who were arrested who were not white received different treatment ... everywhere .. everywhere I went racism was obvious .. I saw it ... and I wasn’t looking for it ... all I was looking for was my pay in cash and a place to spend it...  that’s my experience ... perhaps not yours 😷🏻

Me: "The only assistance I received was from black people." Your "white privilege" didn't get you any assistance from white people? That seems like a disadvantage then.

GZ: interesting spin ... funny ... white privilege only became evident when I interacted with organizations and the police and looked for work ... I never asked for any help... the nonwhite people who helped me offered to help me based on their assessment of my situation ....

Notice that after I checkmated his first premise ("I experienced white privilege everywhere I went"), he quickly modified the premise ("I only experienced white privilege from organizations, police and employers"). I didn't bother continuing, since he seemed incapable of offering an actual example of white privilege. 

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