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Four Things

1. Before the pandemic hit, it looked like Pumpkin, aided by the desire not to be seen sucking her thumb by her peers, was finally on the verge of quitting the habit.

Fortunately, school is back. But before then, I had started doing an irritating jingle (as in the video clip below) whenever I would catch her in the act.

In the process of singing, "Thumb-thumb-thumb-thumb! Thumb-thumb-thumb-thumb-THUMB!," I recalled my own parents part-cajoling my brother and me and part amusing themselves by singing "Eat, eat, eat, eat! Eat, eat, eat, eat!" at dinner time when they had trouble getting us to finish our meals.

It really irritated us then, but I smile every time I think of it, now.

2. I'll grant that Amazon is extremely convenient, but I'll raise you and say that it is sometimes a little too convenient for certain people who like to shop. (I'm thinking of you, Mrs. Van Horn!)

And so it was that, one evening, when my wife mooted the idea of ordering something to my daughter, I heard her exclaim, "Don't buy that! Dad doesn't like it when you buy from Amazon!"

3. On recounting a sliding board pile-up at recess one day, my son amused me with the following turn of phrase: "a big ball of human."

4. I recently mentioned my son's jealousy of his sister's "super power."

Apparently, it works both ways.

Since our school asks that parents take their children's temperatures before dropping them off, I decided to enlist the aid of Memory Boy each morning.

So... Which one of them makes sure I take their temperatures each morning?

Sniper Eyes, of course.

-- CAV

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