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Reblogged:Pro-Liberty Roundup, Part II

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This is the second of a series with three installments.

Image by Gilbert Ortega, via Unsplash, license.
"The FDA's policy implies that it's better to let everyone blindly assume they're contagious than it is to let those who are likely contagious have a way of knowing it." -- Ben Bayer, in "The FDA Mandates Ignorance About Covid-19" (RealClear Policy)

"No amount of 'oversight' can guarantee truth and -- even if it could -- no person or group of persons can impose understanding." -- Amy Peikoff, in "How Many 'Oversight Boards' Does It Take to Dim a Light Bulb?" (RealClear Policy)

"I dare say many Americans would be extremely hesitant to outsource their moral decision-making to scientists or politicians." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Could a 'Morality Pill' Help Stop the Covid-19 Pandemic?" (Forbes)

"Throughout this time [15 years --ed], I sympathized as I saw Jen struggle to make a living from her business, a struggle made harder by capricious and callous city and state government officials." -- Raymond Niles, in "Goodbye Grounded, My Favorite Coffee Bar Destroyed by Lockdowns" (American Institute for Economic Research)

"Defending capitalism must be done on a moral level because most people want to be ethical and decent." -- Charlotte Cushman, in "Capitalism Is Moral" (American Thinker)

"The issue is whether Uber/Lyft and its drivers would have chosen any of these so-called benefits, if given the choice." -- Raymond Niles, in "Ride Sharing and the Absurdity of 'Protecting' Workers Out of a Job" (American Institute for Economic Research)

"t is unfair to ask people to reach a judgment they have no way of independently reaching." -- Don Watkins, in "Dangerous Misinformation" (Medium)

"Like antebellum Southern slaveholders and post-bellum Progressives, today's radical Left and Right share a common disgust for the principles of the American Founding." -- C. Bradley Thompson, in "The Pajama-Boy Nietzscheans: A Critique of the Dissident Right (Redneck Intellectual)

"I suspect it will not be until at least summer 2021 before the general public has a high level of access to this vaccine as production will not be instant." -- Amesh Adalja, in "Pfizer News Is Great -- Tempering Enthusiasm Is Not the Same as Erasing" (The Hill)

-- CAV

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