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Reblogged:Pro-Liberty Roundup, Part III

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This is the third and final part of a series with three installments.

Image by Oliver Plattner, via Unsplash, license.
"[E]conomic self-interest dovetailed nicely with infection control for both Disney World and the NBA." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Three Covid-19 Success Stories" (Forbes)

"Lost in this focus on market share is how the large market share was obtained." -- Raymond Niles, in "Monopoly vs. Monopoly: Sloppy Definitions Lead to Harmful Policy" (American Institute for Economic Research)

"We need more testing and more actionable rapid turn-around tests." -- Amesh Adalja, in "Biden's Administration Should Immediately Prioritize These Five Pandemic Tasks" (LeapsMag)

[Trump's prescription drug 'International Pricing Index'] would ... import foreign price controls set by governments in their nationalized health care systems [and] the negative effects of weaker intellectual property systems in those foreign countries as well." -- Adam Mossoff, in "Why We Don't Want to Import Weak Intellectual Property Systems" (Daily Signal)

"True capitalism (i.e. without government interference such as bailouts, regulations, favors, and backroom deals) provides the freedom for businessmen to produce, but they have to do it honestly, otherwise they will not be successful." -- Charlotte Cushman, in "Capitalism as a Moral Instrument" (American Thinker)"

[W]hen it's time to communicate, your total focus needs to be on: what does the audience need to know to reach this conclusion from reality, given its context?" -- Don Watkins, in "How to Read (And Then to Write)" (Medium)

"By addressing these questions, I hope to revivify and indeed save the intellectual Right from the anti-intellectual, anti-American currents that presently run through it." -- C. Bradley Thompson, in "A Prolegomenon to Any Future Controversies: Responding to My Pajama-Boy Critics (Redneck Intellectual)

"On the other hand, if we see that technology can make things better, much better, but only when used wisely -- then the solution is obviously to get wiser about how we use it." -- Jason Crawford, in Is Technology Actually Making Things Better?" (Pairagraph)

-- CAV

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