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John Galt Speaking

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This is a (fairly abridged) YouTube playlist adaptation of John Galt's speech.  It only takes an hour and a half to listen to and it's full of extremely engaging visual effects that help to concretize all the points being made.  Beware that many of the visuals (particularly towards the end) are NOT for small children!  It does not pull its punches in how it portrays bad philosophies and if Marilyn Manson should give any of your kids nightmares I will take zero responsibility!

I did not make this; I pirated it and burned it onto a DVD several years ago.  I don't know who made it.  But for the past few years, whenever I found myself feeling vaguely that I wasn't living up to my own ideals or had forgotten some important point, I'd watch this again (and quite often found that I had been forgetting some crucial point that'd suddenly reoccurred to me).  If whoever did make it should happen upon this - thank you.


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Thank for burning this, Harrison Danneskjold! I had watched it back when there was a series that ran on for many hours, and the material used for imagery was always spot on, and even humorous. For whatever reasons, the guy who made this, (I think it was xCowboy?) he had some issues with Youtube, so it's not available now. He may be working on a new version, but this is so good, it's worth watching over.

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