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HB v. AB: Is collectivism the greater evil?

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People interested in how a leading religious (Jewish) conservative thinks can watch Dennis Prager chat with Craig Biddle. They cover some hard topics and find common ground. I hope more Objectivists g

Well, the successful and happy-seeming individuals I have ever known, I can't recall one who was an atheist. I've met maybe hundreds of businessmen/professionals, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, wh

There is much more integration (not just coherence, but mutual reinforcement and support) between modern conservatism and Marxism and postmodernism, than there is between Marxism and postmodernism.

13 hours ago, Eiuol said:

Keep in mind I picked him as a clear example of the mainstream conservative viewpoint, what passes as mainstream for conservatives these days. More or less that it has transformed into something else. He isn't alarming in contrast, he is alarming in similarity. If this is the future we can expect, I don't think it's going to turn out well. 

Focusing tightly on politics and a politician, there is this fact you overlook:

Conservatives want vigorous freedom of speech; Leftists do not.

Why is that? Now - which do Objectivists support?

When the free market of ideas (from free minds) gets nullified or skewed in one direction, the political actions will follow that direction. That's what happens when one whole segment of society gets de-platformed from the monolithic social media. It's *this* which is not "going to turn out well".

The left, by its nature, cannot have dissenters (I keep repeating). They need to drown out opposing opinions. They need a safe space from reality. If there were permitted ongoing open public debate over facts and (American) values, I've read and heard enough from conservatives and the right - and enough from the left - to know that the conservatives will intellectually trounce them. That's how irrational, morally bankrupt and cynical the left has become. The conservatives are well ahead on rationality and reasoning - observing facts and thinking more pertinently than some ARI O'ists lately.

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8 hours ago, Eiuol said:

I don't think advocating for the government forcibly breaking up large corporations - not just tech corporations - is a desire for vigorous freedom of speech.

Well that's his right of (vigorous) freedom of speech to extol. He is wrong.

In the open and ongoing public debate, that issue can be argued at length and dismissed by most. Remove what the owner of a platform doesn't like, and freedom of speech suffers, ideas - good and bad - are driven underground. One-way ideological narratives lead to one party state or a divided country.

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58 minutes ago, whYNOT said:

Well that's his right of (vigorous) freedom of speech to extol. He is wrong.

Well of course. Just to be clear, although I'm ambivalent sometimes about de-platforming because sometimes I think it's done correctly, it is often done for the wrong reasons. This is why I'm sensitive to having the right response. The answer to deplatforming is not to deplatform corporations off the face of existence. 


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"The sheer love of deconstructionism".

"The words don't have to be true to do their damage".

If one wants to find what's behind Critical Race Theory - and every 'critical theory', in sociology, law, politics, history, education, literature, etc. which sets out to dismantle/destroy/deconstruct the Western enlightenment, reason, objectivity, and language and put socialism on top, at least listen to Hicks' second part from about 25minutes to 55mins. You will never see the p-modernist Left and their psychological premises the same way, I promise.

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