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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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AAUvwni98oYkStAlp1GsxfjstnA42KyrSfv_3Oa0 Chicken Genius just released his take on Coinbase as an investment, making an interesting point. He fully recognizes its ability to grow in business and market cap but warns about it being a mere CEX, a centralised exchange. The very problem Bitcoin came to solve. Fee less decentralised exchanges, DEXs seem to be the obvious choice in the long future, thus Coinbase losing its USP.


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Discussing Bitcoin and Liberty with Yaron Brook and Stephan Livera
While governments and central banks are throwing billions at the economy to mitigate the effects of the lockdowns and the pandemic, Bitcoin is reaching new heights.

For some, cryptocurrencies are a great investment; for others, they are a bubble that will soon burst. Many in the liberty movement, though, see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the path to more freedom and autonomy from the whims of the state and of central bankers.

In this online event organised by Obiektywizm Poland and supported by ARI Europe, Yaron Brook, chairman of the board of ARI, will discuss with Stephan Livera, Bitcoin podcaster and co-founder of the Australian Bitcoin education venture, all things related to cryptocurrencies and the prospects they offer for freedom.

When: Monday, 26 April 2021, 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET / 11 p.m. UK time

Where: Zoom: http://zoom.obiektywizm.pl
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