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The Black Lives Matter. Game

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Harrison Danneskjold

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I'm not sure if this warrants its own thread, but I just learned about this thing and I'd like to say a few things about it in a somewhat orderly fashion.  This thing is called The Black Lives Matter. game.

This is an alleged video game which consists of nothing more than an eight minute and forty-six second timer (which is an obvious reference to George Floyd's accidentally-assisted suicide).  When the countdown reaches zero the application closes itself without giving any indication as to whether you've won or lost, except that you paid $1 for this very specific timer function and probably deserve to feel like a bit of a loser at that point.

I won't insult everybody's intelligence by asking whether this game is good or bad.  What I would like to point out are the specific reasons why it's such an outrage.


It's not the name.  When I first heard its title the very first thing I pictured were violent mobs of people looting and burning the Twin Cities to the ground, which (as atrocious as such activities were in real life) would make for a pretty awesome video game; something like Grand Theft Auto.  The period stuck in the middle of the phrase is slightly annoying (as all bad grammar is to me) but it could've been called the White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter or No Lives Matter game; it wouldn't affect its quality by one iota.

The problem here is that this is not a video game.  Calling a countdown timer in isolation a video game is like mounting a wall clock on some tree somewhere and calling it a house - in a word, retarded.  This is a timer application and a greatly substandard one at that; at least the one we've all got on our phones, for absolutely free, can be set to count down from whatever time we'd like.  This one could only be useful for a task that requires precisely 8:46 to complete.  As somewhat of a novice, hobbyist programmer myself, I could replicate this exact functionality in less than eight minutes and forty-six seconds - only I would never ask to be paid for it!  I may be a raging alcoholic with obvious psychological issues, but asking to be paid for something like that seems several dozen rungs of Hell still lower.


Now, let's ask ourselves why someone would throw a turd like that out onto the internet, specifically link it to the BLM movement and then ask people to pay them one (presumably symbolic) dollar for their non-efforts.

This did not come from any sincere sort of belief in that movement or love of their ideals.  If it were then they would've actually created some sort of video game instead of this abject waste, which surely isn't doing any favors for BLM's public image.  Would any of you create an app which only displayed "9/2" on a blank background, call it the Atlas Shrugged Calendar and then ask real human beings to pay you for it?  Can you think of a better way to demonstrate your utter indifference to the movement you referenced in that way?

This was the attempt of some lazy and dishonest but somewhat cunning "person" to make the most money they could from the least possible amount of effort or risk.


There's been a lot of talk lately about major corporations and especially movie studios "getting woke" and creating remarkably similar turds of their own, and in those cases where such talk is justified (because it's true) I think it's working in just the same way as this "video game".


It's not that this weird ideology gets into creative endeavors and wrecks them.  It's that some people who are incapable of creativity but wish to pretend otherwise (and get paid for it too) know that they can get away with this by slapping certain buzzwords onto whatever garbage they emit.  And the best way I've been able to think of for discouraging such behavior is for each of us, as individuals, to not allow them to get away with it.

Do not buy this game.  Do not buy any analogous "movies" or "music" and above all, call them what they are: worthless.

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53 minutes ago, Harrison Danneskjold said:

And the best way I've been able to think of for discouraging such behavior is for each of us, as individuals, to not allow them to get away with it.

The Stop the Steal. Game.

When you open the game, text immediately says "the creator has been canceled, donate money to help save his freedom of speech!". That's it.

Very similar way to cash in on buzzwords without meaning anything. This is just what happens when you're free to make anything you want. You get a lot of trash.

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