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Reblogged:'Peeping Joe' Biden vs. Your Privacy. Again.

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As President Biden continues his attempts to ramrod a far-left agenda down American throats despite zero evidence of a mandate, the PRO Act is gaining attention: In particular, I found Maxford Nelson's RealClear Policy piece about the dishonestly-named "Protecting the Right to Organize Act" quite helpful. (For starters, Nelson reminds us that we already have a right to organize, and that government already -- improperly I would add -- places its thumb on the union side of the scale.)

Briefly, the PRO Act is a national version of AB-5, a California law so destructive it got trounced in a referendum last November.

Freelancers and gig workers already hate and fear the measure, and I will not belabor the reasons (again) here. Instead, I'll share the following, which takes the cake where I thought there weren't even any crumbs left:

Like contracting? Biden wants to take that away. And regardless, he will also hand your home address to the nearest labor union so it can strong-arm you for dues. (Image by Magnus Olsson, via Unsplash, license.)
Accordingly, the PRO Act would double-down on unions' ability to organize new workplaces even if many employees are not on board. Among other things, the law would require employers to turn over employees' personal contact information to unions, further limit employers' ability to speak to employees about the implications of unionization, give unions control over the time, place and manner of elections, and make it easier for unions to invalidate the results of secret-ballot votes that don't go their way.

The PRO Act might be good business for unions and good politics for the politicians they back, but it would deprive many American workers of the right to say "no" to unionization, as the Amazon employees in Alabama did, if they are not persuaded of its value. [link omitted, bold added]
What the hell?

How -- in this age of doxxing and goons showing up on people's doorsteps -- can anyone have the gall to propose handing personal information over to thugs as good public policy, let alone beneficial to employees? (And this would be bad enough even if the law weren't intended to force millions of people to become employees against their best judgement or consent, or violate the freedom of speech of countless employers.)

I don't know, but this is hardly the first time this egalitarian gang has made such a proposal: I called HR-1, which pretends to benefit voters, the "Doxxer Enablement Act" for very similar reasons.

Joe Biden campaigned on the premise of a return to normalcy. It is obvious this was a lie when one considers what normal means. And in America, it is normal to make decisions like with whom to trade or associate with. There was once a very common saying here: "Mind your own business." We are increasingly finding ourselves at the mercy of a government that will not do this. And now this government proposes to tell union bosses -- many of them criminals or little better than criminals -- where we live if we work for a living.

Unions don't give a rat's behind about our lives or livelihoods and it is clear that Biden and his gang don't, either: We must stand up to this blatant grab for power over our personal lives.

-- CAV

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