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Amazon's 'Look inside' feature

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Amazon changed the feature for the worse. Searching for a particular word or phrase before the change often allowed seeing some pages before and after the "hit" page and backtracking to see the other pages where the search word or phrase appeared. No longer. For example, I searched for "volition" in OPAR. It appears on page 37, 38, 39, and many others. If I click to look on page 37, that is the only page shown. I cannot backtrack to see what's on page 38, 39 or any other page where it appears. I can only restart the search for "volition."

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Yes. Terrible. On my machine, there is not even a slot appearing at their site for making a word search, and if I use Control-F, they take you to a page, but don't highlight the word.

Far better, at least for now, on Google Books. volition

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Google Books is better is some ways, worse in others. Google Books does not show on what page the search term appears. If lucky, the page will have a Chapter heading or section heading that can help to find the page number. Absent that, good luck!

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